Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fundraiser for finishing funds

Hello Everyone,

     I've been absent from blogging due to the heavy amount of final preproduction that had to go into getting the film portion of the project up and going.   I'm happy to say that Dead Man Working began principle photography on May 14th 2011.
L.E. Salas directing a mocumentary-style interview.
We have shot a about half of the movie at this point and the footage looks amazing!  I'm not just saying that cause I have to.

We had a slight hiccup on the first day of production but it was expected.  I haven't been on a production set for one of my own projects in a long time so it took a little getting used to again.

Also this is the first time that I would be collaborating with so many other members on a film crew.

Deirdre Brennan

Dierdre Brennan, who plays Cait, one of the lead roles in the film.   Cait is a wealthy funeral home owner whose business is in danger when the dead are not staying dead long enough to have funeral services.  Cait hires a documentary filmmaker to investigate this recent wave of the living dead.

Evangelline Reilly, Christian Nowicki, Julie Ufema

Actress Evengelline Reilly plays the role of Kelly, a well-to-do mother who rehires her irreplaceable nanny when she reanimates.

Cristian Temi plays a neurotic fashion designer.

Fashion Stylist Cristian Temi who is the wardrobe department on the set Dead Man Working makes his acting debut playing....a fashion designer whose new line is inspired by the living dead.

Fashion Zombies prepped to walk the fashion runway.

Jon Kutlu playing Cristian's right hand man...and our set make-up artist Jade Elhaddad making a cameo.

Lauren Lozano

Model turned actress Lauren Lozano plays news reporter Kitty St. Claire.


Robert Rivera

Robert Rivera plays himself auditioning for the lead role in a new hit film by an acclaimed director.

We have an incredible cast, great locations all over New Jersey and I could not have done any of it without my talented crew.

Amber Crawford, Ryan Alexander
and Peter Parkerian

From left to right, Actress Amber Crawford, playing a casting director, our Director of Photography, Ryan Alexander, setting up the next shot and Peter Parkerian plays a self-absorbed hit film director.

FX Make-up Artist Jillian Hansen prepping the next zombie.

Everyone has been working hard to make sure the film is well-done and most importantly, entertaining!

I would like to now invite friends, family, zombie fans, strangers anyone and everyone who would like to be a part of the movie by helping us out during this time of fundraising.  I have started a page on Indie Go Go, a site for raising money for independent projects.

Through out the course of preproduction and raising the project, I have remained pretty silent about the details of the project.  When you visit our fund-raising page on Indie Go Go, you will get a full proposal for Dead Man Working that, for the first time reveals the concept of Dead Man Working.  This is NOT just another zombie film.

Our goal is to raise $4500.00 to complete the film.  When donating to the completion of the film, you have the option of donating $20.00, $100.00 and $1000.00, or you can click on "other amount."  All of the donations come with certain perks so check it out.

For those of you high rollers who donate $1000.00 (I'd love for there to be one!)  I will through in a free lap dance, what the hell...

Thanks much for any and all support you have shown this project and my crew and me.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be making another film.   Please check back for more updates as the project is in its final days!

To donate visit the site below:

For info on Dead Man Working please visit:


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deirdre Brennan, One of the Leads in Dead Man Working

Actress Deirdre Brennan
Meet Deirdre.
Before I met Deirdre, I thought I had the part of Cait cast.  I had two people read for the role and I like what they brought.

Deirdre came in and engulfed the room with her charm.  I immediately felt drawn to her before she read.  I had seen her pictures and thought she has the look for the part.

Then she read two scenes...and now she's my Cait.  

The role of Cait, is molded around a real person and friend of mine who used to work in the record industry (she's made it abundantly clear to me how much she is not a fan of Madonna's circa 1984 to now).    Cait always has this sass and know it all attitude but you can't help but love someone like that; tough and upfront but still easy to talk to and comforting.

Once real-life Cait became my muse for the of Cait in Dead Man Working, it was merely a matter of taking the character  to an exaggerated level while throwing in some ugly that I think we can all show at any given moment.  What was born was a cut-throat, in it to win it in any way destructive character.

Now, I am saying Deirdre is this Cait, but she's an actress and I believe the actress that can certainly bring her to life.

Deirdre has the screen legend look of historic Hollywood  and while she does, she's not the victim "damsel in distress" that needs to be rescued...she could be but I could see her being the hero instead.

Find out more about her:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Julie Ufema, One of the Leads in Dead Man Working

Still from "I Clean Up Your Grave."
This is Julie Ufema.  She sent in her headshot, resume and clip from a movie she was recently in where she's tied up and tortured...can it get better?  Yes.  She said it was a goal of hers to play a zombie in a movie.

So after I  looked through her images trying to think of what zombie she could play I found one role that seemed the perfect fit.  She may not have any lines but it's a memorable character.

It get's even better.  After contacting her recently I found out she is currently producing and directing her own movie, Caveat, a psychological thriller.   The movie also features one of the main actors from the original Dawn of the Dead! How cool is that?!?

We're glad Julie's on board, helping us make this project a reality.

Find about more about her and her film on her personal website!

Julie Ufema

Caveat, A psychological thriller by Julie Ufema

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Matthew Lavin, one of my lead actors in Dead Man Working

This is Matthew Lavin.  He auditioned for the role of Adam for DMW back in January.   When I was writing the screenplay, I had jokingly written it so I can play the lead as the story resembles making this whole project happen.  That idea changed after the first draft.  Realizing that my first project after about 5 years was going to need more focus to show the amount of growth that has occurred, I quickly decided to have an actor step in the role so I can concentrate on direction.

 I had envisioned the role of Adam Alexander to be a cross between me the director of photography, my good friend Ryan.  Since I've known him he's had this quirky side that I can't even begin to explain.  He's a great writer and has certain idiosyncrasies that would have you look at him with a straight face or try to, and then have you running somewhere private to laugh.  But you know what to each is own.

So there's that, and then my anxious, nervous, spontaneous, stubborn and "Well if you want it, you can get it"  self.  hmmmm.

In walked, Matthew, but to be honest once I saw his headshot I knew I wanted him for the role.  Then, once I saw his reel,  I was absolutely positive he was Adam.  Everyone that came in for the role had their own character that they could have added but this was a specific character.  I thought I would have a harder time, but I got lucky :)

check out his site at: