Monday, January 31, 2011

Interview with Dr. Steven Schlozman, author and professor of psychiatry confirmed!

We're happy to say that Dr. Steven Schlozman associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard University and author of the forthcoming "The Zombie Autopsies,"  has agreed to sit down and give us a neurological  perspective of zombies.  Here we come again Massachusetts

Click on the link below to learn about "The Zombies Autopsies."

The Zombie Autopsies

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interview with Jeffrey Mantz, Anthropologist and Economist confirmed!

We're excited to announce after weeks of trying to get a date coordinated (thanks to the snow)  We will be heading down to Arlington, Virginia to interview Jeffrey Mantz for DMW.

Mr. Mantz is a professor at George Mason University whose interests include political economy, religion and the supernatural, science and technology.  Professor Mantz recently taught an anthropology course aptly entitled "Zombies."  The course dealt with zombies (what else) and their cultural importance.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Two Interviews down, about 6 more and a movie shoot to go-

As January began, I was by that point, a good year and a half into getting this project ready.  Research. Promoting to producers.  Scheduling.    I wanted to start this blog a long time before but I could not get my head around it with all the other stuff that had to happen.  Luckily I've been writing stuff down on the way anyway.

By the second week of January, we were fortunate enough to interview Scott Kenemore, Author of "Z.E.O: A Zombie's Guide to getting A(head) in Business," and Noam Chomsky, political activist, author, professor,  father of Modern Linguistics....all that fun stuff.

You may be asking yourself what Noam Chomsky has to do with zombies; you just never know who is a closeted zombie fan huh?

Our first stop for the shoot was Chicago Illinois where author Scott Kenemore currently resides.  The interview was conducted at Sip Coffee House on Saturday January 15th.

From the get this  project was going to be conducted in all locally owned locations and offices as opposed to  anything corporate (just my own prerogative).

This little coffee house was great, it was a bit smaller than I imagined but we got everything we needed done and the staff there was very accommodating.

If you're in the Northern Chicago area stop in and have breakfast there!

Scott was the first zombie enthusiast I contacted when I began preproduction so it was great meeting him and sitting down with him after so long.

Me, Scott Kenemore and an undead barista

Almost immediately after Chicago we headed to Cambridge where we were to interview Professor Noam Chomsky at MIT at the Strata Building.  Check this thing out!

Aside from being stuck in Saugus, Massachusetts for what seemed like forever  thanks to the record number snow storms, the interview went really well.

You may already be asking yourself what does Professor Chomsky and zombies have to do with one another.  Well you'll find out.

Professor Chomsky getting mic'ed for our interview by Ryan Alexander (Director of Photography)