Thursday, February 9, 2012

BAD news, GOOD news, and Cast and Crew Party Feel-out


     As I recently reported, I had an unseen and unfortunate loss of some footage from the more recent shoots of Dead Man Working.  I sent the drive out to get recovered and yesterday upon arriving to Los Angeles, I received an email that confirmed, a great deal of footage was lost forever!!!!

-I lost a very informative interview with Maitland McDonough
-I lost footage of a TV Show similar to "The View"  that was to appear within the movie
-I lost my opening zombie sequences!

I'm rather upset, but there is no time to relish in it.  Plus, I'm a firm believer of the timing of things.

I have already begun putting together a shoot in two weeks, to recapture my opening sequences.  I'd like to invite the actresses that appeared in pseudo talk show to participate as zombies.

My interview with Maitland, well, I will check with her and see if it is possible for a re-shoot.

Good News is an interview with zombie enthusiast and economist MC Taillard will be conducted this coming Tuesday in Omaha, Nebraska.  I'm putting the final details and questions together for it.  I wanted an economist interview from the very go, so I'm happy to have MC Taillard, join the panel of expert interviews.

I'm in L.A. for work at the moment and on my free time, you better believe I'm trying to score two more interviews!  I'll let you know how that turns out.

As for the cast and crew screening of the film, I will be setting a final date for the beginning of April.  I will hash out a date that will work and set it in stone once I get home.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's been going on!

Hey All,

     Happy New Year!  I had a rough couple of months with DMW but everything is coming together for the best.

I had a drive failure around Christmas that would have been insane if I didn't have a back-up, so make that something to remember, alway have a back-up.

There's tons of new things going on; some new interviews, some more pick-up shots I needed and noticed while editing and a couple of new people joining the crew line-up.

Stay Tuned and I will keep this blog up to date as it all happens