Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Principle Photography done, now what?

So there have been an insane amount of setbacks on set due to weather, locations, etc... but We were able to finish the core of the project this past sunday June 26th at a lovely little diner in West Orange, New Jersey.

On set in West Orange, New Jersey's Gamburger's Diner.
Photo by Carol Molina
So what's next?

A LOT, lol.  I have been making a list of things that need to happen to get this project good and done by a deadline I have set.

First though, you will see a lot of changes on the blogs, the facebook page, the website, some designs, pictures, video teasers, etc...

Most importantly is giving credit where credit is due.  A lot of people killed themselves (not literally)  on set to help make this a great production.  Some got paid, some haven't gotten paid, many donated their time to which I am grateful for and promise a gift in return!

While looking at the footage that I have at the moment I have noticed some things I love and reflect on how some things could have been done differently, but this will all come to light over the next few months.

This was a big production for my second directorial project, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.  So much has changed in 5 years, personally, emotionally, environmentally, physically....that if I do not show growth in artistic endeavors, then what the fuck have I been doing.

I apologize for those on set that may have seen a side I generally do not show, but work is work and production work is production work.  Nothing should be personal on set.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Moving Into Final Stages of Principle Photography/Some Changes/Great Additions!

So After a good five days of shooting, we took a two week break to regroup after a couple of incidents.

The first and biggest changes is Actor Matthew Lavin will no longer be playing the role of Adam.
Due to scheduling and location conflicts and just time,  it was becoming impossible to get this accomplished as much I wanted to.  I really wanted to work with Matthew on this project so it was a bit disappointing but we met up to discuss and there are always going to be other projects.  Cheers to that.

Moving Forward, I had the task of casting the role of Adam again; it's a very particular part with a particular look, and was happy to learn that one of my favorite actors was available.

Actor Erik Wolfe is our new "Adam"
in Dead Man Working.

I first saw Erik Wolfe in a short, One in a Series, Ryan (our DP) shot and I edited.  I think it stuck to the script a lot but it was a good performance.

Wolfe then worked with Ryan on A New and Accurate Map of the World, by far one of my favorite projects to work on.

After editing this project I wanted to work with Erik on one of my own projects.  I'm not sure what happened exactly when Dead Man Working came around but everything happens for a reason.  So I want to take this time to welome Erik Wolfe on the project!

Other than some location shifts due to waiting to long for anything to get done and running into some technical issues we are back in action.  All in good timing too, I'm getting antsy and I'm incredibly anxious in seeing this film in it's final cut.

I've shown a majority of what's been shot to our producers and have gotten great feedback.  The feedback in general over the film has been great so I'm meeting with our graphic designer to get the post production stages off the ground and going as well as talking to a composer for scoring.

There are many more updates but I will contain myself and share them at the appropriate time, till then check back for more updates!

My "Dead Man Working" birthday cake
by Tony Tone-Tone Albanese

p.s. my birthday was this past weekend and my good friend Tony Albanese whom you may remember as "Tone Tone"  from Season 1 of TLC's Cake Boss made me a surprise birthday cake.   It was so cool! and tasted great!  I'm sure he'll be making our cake for the wrap party.


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