Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pick-ups, 1 re-shoot and interviews. Comedian/Social Critic Paul Mooney in the works!

This piece of news was so exciting, I almost sent it out last night-

Paul Mooney will be sitting down with us for a brief interview mid-September for DMW.

Comedian Paul Mooney

I don't need to give this man an introduction...but let's just say he wrote for Richard Pryor, and gave a lot of new comedians at the time a shot, like oh, I don't know, Robin Williams, John Witherspoon and Sandra Bernhard to name a few.

He wrote for "In Living Color." He more recently wrote and guest starred on the Chapelle Show, you know, Dave Chapelle...

I  had my people (me...) contact his people and was happy to hear he enjoyed the idea.  I've been a fan of Mooney's comedy and writing, before I even knew he wrote it; my father was a huge fan of Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor and he introduced me to Paul Mooney's name after I had seen the work.

What do I like about his work, well I like that it doesn't even seem like he's tries to write, it just flows out of his mouth, his critique is more observational and right on the nose at times, it's scary and altogether funny.

I'm very much looking forward to hearing his commentary.  Stay tuned for more news!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bruce LaBruce Interview will appear in DMW.

Dir. Bruce LaBruce
Not that I had a doubt, as I did help on the production of L.A. Zombie, but I went ahead and got the blessings from one of the producers of the film to utilize interview footage of Bruce LaBruce on location while filming in Los Angeles.

This is a big deal for me.  This is what initially sparked my interest in making Dead Man Working, so I can attribute and happily say Bruce LaBruce played a huge role in my creating this concept. 

His first zombie film Otto; Or Up with Dead People is a 2008 Canadian/German queer cinema horror film; As far as I am concerned the first of its kind.  

In my research for this project I have yet to come across anything that stepped into this realm.

 He followed this project with L.A. Zombie, about an alien zombie sent to earth in who f*cks the dead back to life....crazy sh*t right?  You can only imagine my mind being blown away, thinking, "um, I'm afraid of zombies, why do people want to shag them?"

Anyhow as I am now into the mid-stages of postproduction I felt it was time to take the interview out and put it to use.  I also share this footage with french filmmaker Angelique Bosio, who was filming a documentary on LaBruce while we were on production.  The documentary is called, "The Advocate of Fagdom."

Dir. Bruce La Bruce for Dead Man Working